Our Produce

We are renowned for our fresh, local, seasonal, and specialist produce. All of our stock is 100% organic and biodynamic, and is carefully sourced from a range of dedicated growers and suppliers.

We stock a great range of fresh fruit, veg, spices, herbs, kombucha, soft drinks, speciality teas and coffee, plenty of tinned and dried pulses, grains, flour, baking supplies, condiments, seasonings, sweet treats, store-cupboard essentials, seeds, toiletries and cosmetics, baby food - and yes, it’s all organic!

Deliveries of fresh fruit and veg come to Barra weekly, ensuring that our stock is exactly how we like it. Alongside top-quality customer favourites, we always have some new and exciting things in.

We’re committed to supporting and working with the local food system. Sheffield and South Yorkshire has a host of brilliant growers, and we love working with them. At peak times of the year almost 80% of our produce will come from Sheffield, some of it grown within just 15 minutes of the shop, and delivered just an hour after harvest!

Our produce is stocked in line with the seasons, ensuring the freshest fruit and veg at its best. All imported produce in selected with sustainability in mind, and we always prioritise local, seasonal goods.

From bergamot lemons to blood oranges, kabocha squash to purple sweet potatoes, tonka beans to feijoa, we strive to source the finest specialist ingredients, including a great range of fermented foods. Looking for something but can’t seem to find it anywhere? Get in touch and we’ll see what we can do…